History of Science

DEA (i.e. MPhil) Thesis – Paris 7 University (“Denis Diderot”) – 2001

Advisor: Dr. Régis Morelon

This work aims to assess the originality of Claudius Ptolemy’s contribution to astronomy. This is done by comparing the astronomical models developed by Ptolemy (ca 150s AD) with those described by the earlier astronomer Theon of Smyrna (probably early 2nd century AD).

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PhD Thesis – Paris 7 University (“Denis Diderot”) – 2010

Advisor: Dr. Olivier Darrigol

Dimensional analysis was developed in the 19th c. It can be viewed as a reformulation of the principle of homogeneity following the emergence of numerical equations, implying a redefinition of the concept of dimension. The principle of homogeneity holds that some operations can only be performed on quantities of a similar nature, where dimensions define the latter. Instead, Fourier substituted rules which ensure that equations remain invariant under a change of units, and identified dimensions with the power to which conversion factors of derived units must be raised when
a fundamental unit is changed. To what extent this new definition of “dimension” concurs with the former is not obvious, and tension between the two conceptions motivated much of the debates regarding dimensional analysis throughout the 19th c.

French (original)
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Publication – Archive for History of Exact Sciences, 70: 293 – 2016

Paper based on the above PhD Thesis.

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Publication – Annals of Science, Volume 74, Issue 4 – 2017

Paper based on the above PhD Thesis.

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