Cultural History

Master’s Thesis – Paris 7 University – 1994

Advisor: Prof. Francoise Raison

This thesis first describes the power structures that prevailed among the Basotho prior to European influence. It then discusses how the advent of the colonial period affected these structures. The entire period examined extends from the early 19th century (~1830s) until the late 1930s, which includes the early British Protectorate from 1884.

French (original)

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PhD Thesis – UNISA (University of South Africa) – 2000

Advisor: Prof. Johannes du Bruyn; Co-advisor: Prof. Tilman Dedering

Missionaries from the French Société des Missions Evangéliques de Paris (SMEP) arrived in present-day Lesotho in 1833, where they founded a mission with King Moshoeshoe’s support. They were the first Europeans to live among the Basotho, and the first to preach Christianity there. The thesis examines how their message and beliefs were received and interpreted by the Basotho, and what factors in the prevailing Sotho culture and world view played a key role in this. The work also discusses the process of community formation by which Evangelical Christians were to become a distinct group with its own identity and sub-culture by the end of the period.

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Publication – Kleio, 32:1, 5 -22 – 2000

Paper based on the above PhD Thesis.

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